About us

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  • ACCENT CONFIDENTIAL INVESTIGATION PVT. LTD. was founded by Shailesh Manjrekar who is also the managing director of the detective agency. He has ample experience in the detective field and believes in ferreting out the truth with the help of circumstantial evidence and laying it in full view of the Indian public.

    The vision statement of the company is well laid- out and diligently adhered to, incorporating the values of trust among staff and clients. The promise is to adopt the highest standards of service, to comply with state government laws and regulations whatever the circumstances, and wherever we operate, and to spot and avert lawlessness and wrongful conduct. We also protect confidential information from being exposed by using sophisticated and professional security tools on behalf of our clients. Finally we are bound strictly to guard your secrecy and confidentiality unless directed to do otherwise by your instructions.

    ACCENT CONFIDENTIAL INVESTIGATION PVT. LTD deals with a variety of legal matters, too numerous to list completely. Among them may be mentioned pre- and post- marital evidence of fraud and cheating, investigation in the case of a missing individual, court cases involving family matters, surveillance, cases of maintenance in child custody events and many more.

    Above all ACCENT CONFIDENTIAL INVESTIGATION PVT. LTD realizes that every case is unique and has to be treated as such to win over your confidence and faith in our services. We keep your issues in strict confidence. Last but not the least, we operate on a level of professionalism that produces the desired results, giving you affordable assistance within a moderate time –frame.