Detective for Child Custody and Maintenance - Mumbai

Detective for Child Custody and Maintenance


These detective agencies help in gathering evidence and information that may be required in a court of law for you to substantiate your case of gaining child custody against your spouse. Strong evidence is required which is often difficult to gather without professional help. The detectives in India are the best for this job. They are highly capable of acquiring information via reliable sources and connections.

The Indian detectives are capable of shadowing your spouse without their knowledge.

  • They monitor the activities of the day of the spouse.
  • The income source with documents; their address;
  • Current employment status, social status, real assets that the spouse may posses

All these are important information that you may need to present before the court to substantiate your claim to the custody of your child. If your spouse has any kind of hidden activities that you may not know about, then they will be uncovered only with professional help.

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