Corporate Investigation

image2In a dynamic business setting with growing specialize in rules, it’s vital to bear in mind of all the facts concerning the entities before going in any account with them. Associating with a 3rd party while not conducting a background check will expose a company to risk of fraud, litigation, reputational loss, monetary harm and, in some cases, termination of business. Moreover, as regulators square measure specializing in increased due diligence on customers and third parties, it’s become imperative for organizations to demonstrate a comprehensive and risk-based grasp Your client (KYC) method to avoid any legal/ restrictive implications.

Our Integrity Due Diligence observe helps in gathering data on specific targets (individuals/ entities) so as to focus on any red-flags which will be probably damaging to a company. Our background checks square measure able to give wide selection of knowledge like shareholding/ possession structure of a company, key personnel, unfinished cases/ legal proceeding, market name, business vogue, restrictive non-compliance, adverse media, credit check, international watch lists, etc.