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Missing Person finder mumbaiAccent Confidential Investigation Pvt. Ltd., has 21 years experience in missing persons investigations. As a privately contracted missing persons investigator. Mr. Shailesh Manjrekar works exclusively on missing adults, missing children, abducted children, runaway teens and human trafficking case. There are few missing persons experts in the field who work on behalf of families offering a quick logistical response time nationwide and that specializes in conducting missing persons investigations.

No family should have to go though the sudden horrific reality of having a missing loved one. In an instant, your family is dealing with emotions and realities it is simply not prepared to face. This crisis occurs without notice or cause and sometimes may traumatize a family for years. And, unless there is an immediate and effective proactive investigation from your local or federal authorities, it can put the lives of those you love in instant danger.

My name is Shailesh Manjrekar, and I promise that my team can provide your family immediate help and investigation experience. Our team has 20 years of field experience in locating your missing adult, missing child, missing relative or missing family member.

And, I retain a 85% solve rate in all my missing person cases. That makes me one of your family’s best options for finding your missing son or daughter and bringing them home safely.